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I made something and it wasn’t terrible

Cooking for other people can be nerve-racking.  My kitchen skills are quite limited so I always worry that I’ll mess up whatever I am making or that people won’t like the dish that I’ve made.

I have pretty simple taste, the food I make for myself (as you may have seen) is very basic which is why it always makes me a bit nervous to cook or prepare food for others.

"Aw honey, you baked"

“Aw honey, you baked”

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A Peek into My Humble Kitchen

These days when it comes to meals, my priorities are that they be:

  1. well-balanced
  2. budget-friendly
  3. easy to prepare
  4. somewhat tasty (a foodie, I am not)

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Quinoa Confessions

As you can tell, I am relatively new to blogging. Given my interests in nutrition, wellness and fitness, I had so many people encourage me to start writing and that’s how this blog came to be.

I always knew I couldn’t write a food blog – as much as I enjoy eating and talking about healthy, nutritious foods – I am not that great at preparing them.

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