Meal Prep

Let’s talk meal prep. It’s no secret that I am not a great chef. And I am not a big fan of cooking elaborate meals. My idea of cooking is more like “ingredient assembling” and so you’ll find me just throwing together meals at home or quickly putting something together that is portable so I can eat it at work.


In order to help myself out, I do some careful grocery shopping and then I usually spend a few hours on a Sunday meal prepping. My grocery haul usually includes fresh greens, bananas, apples, red peppers, tomatoes, hummus, a few misc vegetables, sweet potatoes, some eggs, almond milk, ezekiel bread, and nuts for snacking (and maybe a few other impulse purchases).  Plus I keep staples on hand like quinoa,  beans, coffee, frozen spinach. That sounds like a lot for one person doesn’t it? It’s not….at least I don’t think it is.

Once I have my grocery shopping finished, my Sunday routine involves the following:

1)   Roasting several sweet potatoes (good starch to go with meal mains)

2)   Cooking a batch of quinoa (protein, carb, fiber)

3)   Washing and chopping peppers or any other vegetables (snacking, easy for tossing in salads)

4)   Washing grapes, apples or anything else that might need it (snacking, breakfasts)

5)   Cooking or assembling one type of entrée (depends on how creative and energetic I am feeling)


One week my meal prep looked like this:

meal prep

Quinoa, Roasted Sweet Potato, Egg White Souffle, Red Peppers, Aduki Beans


One of the best gifts I have given myself lately is some good Tupperware. Seriously. What a difference it makes when your containers are easy to wash and store. And I love looking in my fridge and seeing it all so neatly organized.

I bought mine from Open Sky with a coupon for $10 off and free shipping – love a good deal. This is the brand I have:—17-piece-rectangular-set


For me, food prepping is a few hours of labor that saves me money, calories and time later in the week. It can feel like a hassle but I am always glad to see my fridge stocked with ready-to-go meal and snack options.

What are your roadblocks when it comes to meal prepping?

For me it is definitely time! It always feels like I don’t have enough time to devote to shopping and cooking and Seamless is just so tempting!!




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One response to “Meal Prep

  1. Lindsay

    Great tip! Chopping veggies is definitely my least favorite part of meal prep – its so time consuming! One of the other things that stresses me out is the question of what foods you can make in advance? For instance, you can’t cut an apple up ahead of time, that will go bad. And you have to cook potatoes as soon as you cut them as well. But I guess you could cook the potatoes in advance and then reheat them in the oven until they get warm again? I wish every recipe had a quideline for things you can do ahead of time!

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