Nike Women 10K

This past weekend I participated in the Nike Women 10K.

nike banner

This race was done virtually, participants just had to log their miles at some point between March 9th and 10th through their Nike+ app.

At first I thought the concept was sort of silly but then the more I thought about it, the more I kind of liked the idea.

It’s pretty genius actually. The cost of the race was $40. I know, strange to pay $40 to run a virtual race but part of that went to LLS (The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) and the rest went to this awesome t-shirt:

i'm a sucker for swag

i’m a sucker for swag

The thing about paying any sum of money is that you are committed. And it’s weird how between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, certain brands do such a good job at building a sense of community. I totally get into these things.

I have been running a decent amount lately but not as much as I had been a few months ago and I didn’t really know how well I’d fare on a 10k. So it seemed like a good challenge. To be honest, part of me really didn’t feel like doing it. I backed out of doing the run on Saturday so I made myself get up and do it on Sunday. And I actually ran it in a good time (for me).

nike+ app

screenshot of pride


Gotta love the Nike+ app – I find it so motivating. I think it is a great app if you are into running, no matter how far you run or how skilled you are. Whether you run indoors on a treadmill or outside, it is great for tracking mileage, pace, calories burned, frequency of runs etc. If you outrun yourself, different celebrity voices (like Ellie Goulding??) will cheer you on and tell you how great you are. Really great touch Nike.

Do you use any fitness apps? Do they keep you motivated?


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  1. Lindsay

    I love Nike run! Always so nice when they tell me what a great job I’ve done! Plus, I like it telling me every time I’ve completed a half mile – small celebrations along the way!

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