Evolution Fresh

If you have been in Starbuck’s recently, you may have noticed that they launched a line of cold-pressed juices in partnership with the west coast company Evolution Fresh. It appears that they are trying to become competitors in the pressed juice marketplace alongside companies like BluePrint and Organic Avenue.

Given my love of all things green, particularly green juice, I had to give it a try.



I actually had the opportunity to meet some of the Evolution Fresh team and sample a few of their juices last year at Expo West, so I knew this collaboration was happening, I just wasn’t sure when it would debut.

Evolution Fresh has a few free-standing stores on the west coast and they sell fruit juices, vegetables juices, smoothies and other health foods. Now that they are collaborating with Starbucks it looks like they will be selling a few of their fruit and fruit/vegetable juice blends in cafes around the country. I think some of these juices are great, especially the Sweet Greens with Lemon and the Vital Greens (to be fair, I haven’t tried any others).

sweet greens with lemon

This particular juice has a variety of green vegetables, sprouts, wheat grass, lemon, lime and apple. The sugar content is relatively low. One serving is 8 oz and  has 40 calories and 8 grams of sugar, so in 16 oz (the whole bottle) that would be 80 calories and 16 grams of sugar. Not bad. Especially compared to 130 calories and 28 grams of sugar in the BuePrint Green Juice.

However, BluePrint does boast that there their juices contain over 6 pounds of fresh produce in each bottle. I don’t know if any other product out there can make the same claim.

In fact I just looked up the facts about Evolution Fresh and they state that they, “give customers the accessible convenience of juice from 1-2 pounds of fresh-pressed fruits and/or vegetables in each bottle”. Interesting.

Some of the other juices are just regular juices like a fresh orange juice and coconut water. So I guess it really depends on your motivation for drinking juice in the first place. It is my impression that most people choose BluePrint because they are doing a cleanse and others choose juices from Organic Avenue or Liquiteria as a snack or a supplement to a healthy diet. Perhaps then it makes sense that you would only need 1-2 pounds of produce as opposed to the 6 pounds worth of nutrients necessary on a cleanse.

My approach is to use juices as a snack or supplement my daily intake. I especially enjoy a green juice on days when I am on the go and feel as though I haven’t had enough vegetables. Sometimes I like to buy fresh juice and drink half in the afternoon as a snack/energy boost and save the rest for the next day (they can get pricey!).

My recommendation would be to try and choose a nutrient dense juice – something that is primarily vegetable based and only contains a little bit of fruit so that you aren’t taking in too much sugar. With juices, as opposed to smoothies, you won’t be getting any fiber to slow your body’s absorption of the sugar, and although you get all the great nutrients from the produce, you can still end up with a blood sugar spike.

What do you think, do you trust Starbucks with health foods?


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