a trip to see Dr. Oz

Hi friends.

Happy Saturday.

It has been an interesting few days. I guess when your week starts with a root canal, things can only get better, right?

Mostly true.

My sister and I had the opportunity to watch a taping of the Dr. Oz show on Tuesday.

Dr oz ticket

It was….educational. Of course we happened to be in the audience on a day when the topic was, “The most awkward questions of all time”. We got to see some pretty weird stuff. If you want to know just what those awkward questions were, feel free to check it out here but I won’t discussing them anytime soon.

In some of the shots you can catch glimpses of us looking appropriately horrified. Sort of hilarious but sort of depressing when you consider that the taping that we thought we were going to see was, “The 50 Most Eligible Doctors”.

dr oz screen shot

Marilu Henner was also on the show that day and she actually had some interesting things to say. Apparently she is a big nutrition and fitness enthusiast and has written a few books on these subjects. Although I wasn’t totally on board with everything she was suggesting, she did bring up one tip that I thought would be good to share, and that is not to drink any water 30 minutes prior to meals.

If you know me, you know that I am constantly drinking water. No matter where I go, I always carry a bottle of water with me. I think staying hydrated is one easy way to improve health and maintain energy levels. Being hydrated helps your body transport nutrients and eliminate toxins more efficiently.

However, I have stopped drinking as much water during meals. The reason for this is because drinking too much water before meals will dilute your digestive enzymes and make digestion less efficient.  It’s ok to sip water as you eat but I just don’t guzzle water when I am eating anymore.

Give it a try and see if you feel less bloated after meals.


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One response to “a trip to see Dr. Oz

  1. Lindsay

    Interesting, I’m a big water drinker too, but I will definitely give this a shot!

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