100 Calorie Snacks

Many times people assume that because I love nutrition and healthy food, I eat a super healthy diet all of the time. This is not totally true. Although I love green juice, plant-based food and I feel best when I am eating a well rounded, nutrient-rich diet – I am not perfect, nor do I try to be.

I drink wine, I like dessert, and I eat too many snacks when I am sad. No judgment.

So, in keeping it real I am trying to share things that I find interesting or helpful and hope that others do too.

One myth I’d like to dispel today is that of the 100 Calorie Pack. Such a great marketing ploy! But not a great nutrition tactic.

The idea of built-in portion control is persuasive, but these snacks are really just small amounts of junk food.

Studies have shown that people who eat these snacks still end up eating more throughout the day. This is probably because the food in the packages doesn’t contain any satisfying or hunger controlling nutrients like protein, fiber, or healthy fats. It’s all processed, chemically, artificial stuff.

After eating a 100 Calorie Pack of Cheetos or Oreos you aren’t going to feel full or satisfied, and you are likely to continue consuming more calories throughout the rest of the day.

100 calorie packs

don’t be fooled!

It would be beneficial to eat more calorically dense snack like a piece of fruit or yogurt or nuts and you will feel satisfied and eat less later. This will save you calories in the long run.

Below is a graphic I found online with some good ideas for healthier 100 calorie snacks:

Healthier 100 Calorie Snacks

Healthier 100 Calorie Snacks

[image source] 

For the budget conscious, purchasing these boxes of 100 calorie packs is not economically savvy at all.

A quick aside: I will contradict myself and say that I think that the 100 calorie packs could be ok if you were just dying for a candy bar and didn’t want to eat a whole normal sized one. In that case, eating just one of the 100 calorie bars as a treat is totally fine, in my opinion. Since you are eating as a treat or dessert and not eating for satiety, that is totally different.

100 cal candy

Do you agree/disagree? Do you ever eat these 100 Calorie Packs?




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2 responses to “100 Calorie Snacks

  1. Lindsay

    The hardest things for me about afternoon snacks is that it needs to be something I can leave in my cabinets! I also normally crave something carb-y in the afternoon. I find bananas to be by best healthy option.

  2. Taylor

    I love a really large beet and carrot juice from the deli juicer. The fiber/sugar in the vegetables gives me an energy surge and the sheer amount of liquid makes me super full.

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