Quinoa in the spotlight

Quinoa is totally having a moment.

You may or may not have heard that the United Nations deemed 2013 to be the “International Year of Quinoa”. This grain-like superfood has definitely made its presence known over the past few years and somehow surpassed acai and kale to steal the 2013 crown.




I’ve written about quinoa before [here] but here is a quick refresher as to why quinoa is so great. Quinoa is:

  • High in protein
  • High in fiber
  • Rich in nutrients (phosphorus, magnesium, iron)
  • Gluten free
  • Easy to cook
  • Versatile in flavor



I wish I had a great recipe to share but mostly I just make quinoa plain and mix it into other things. So, that’s kind of boring.

Instead of my own recipe, here is a link to a really tasty-looking recipe for Quinoa Oat Squares that was posted in the Equinox Blog.

If you make them, please share.

As in, send me some. And also share how it goes.


It will be interesting to see which “superfoods” take the spotlight for 2014. My predictions are chia seeds, coconut oil, hemp seeds, and perhaps the pitaya…


If you want to read about the United Nations Declaration, here is a link: Quinoa Declaration



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3 responses to “Quinoa in the spotlight

  1. Lindsay

    Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa! These new foods kind of scare me. Its kind of like when the acai berry had its moment and I kept saying a”kai” when all the cool kids laughed at me because they knew it was “Ah-say-ee”… I will not make that mistake with quinoa (not “kin-oh-ah!”). That said, new foods scare me. How do you cook quinoa? Is it scary? Is it hard? Does it taste like rice? Please answer my questions. I want to be a cool foodie, but the concept of trying a food I’ve never eaten or seen before frightens me to my core!

    Please right back you all knowing nutritionist! or Kale me maybe. ha.

  2. Alyssa

    My favorite quinoa recipe! This Mediterranean salad is so delicious and is great for cold leftovers the next day.

    ¼ cup of: olive oil, fresh parsley, chives,
    ½ cup of: lemon juice, feta, kalamata olives
    1 tablespoon: balsamic vineagr
    1 of the following, chopped: red onion, bell pepper
    2 chicken breasts (cooked and diced)
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Boil 2 cups of water with 2 chicken bouillon cubes, and 1 smashed clove of garlic in a saucepan. Add 1 cup of quinoa and reduce heat –simmer until water is absorbed and quinoa is tender (about 15 minutes). Discard garlic clove and put quinoa to the side. Add 2 diced chicken breasts, onion, olives, pepper, feta, lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil. Stir. Serve warm or cold!

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