in case you need some motivation

I know we all know that we should move more and eat less to stay healthy and fit. But research is just starting to reveal how unhealthy it is to be sitting all day.

For most of us, sitting can’t be avoided – we work in offices, sit in a car as we commute etc., it is what it is.

I suggest reading this article in the NYT, because the previous thinking was that we could possibly negate the perils of sitting all day with a healthy exercise regimen. It turns out, this may not be true.

sitting businessman


Until we can all have treadmill desks or bike stations at work, the reason I am sharing this article is to serve as motivation for finding ways to move more throughout the day.

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Walking to work (if possible) or parking further away from the office/grocery store/mall so you have a brisk walk to and from the car
  • Take a walking a lunch break
  • Take the stairs!
  • Take a conference call on your cell phone and go for a walk at the same time
  • Set a reminder on your computer to get up once every 30 minutes, walk around, and stretch your legs
  • Walk to a coworker’s office instead of calling
  • Every time your phone rings, answer it standing up

Feel free to share your own suggestions and how you find ways to move throughout the day in the comments section!


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