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in case you need some motivation

I know we all know that we should move more and eat less to stay healthy and fit. But research is just starting to reveal how unhealthy it is to be sitting all day.

For most of us, sitting can’t be avoided – we work in offices, sit in a car as we commute etc., it is what it is.

I suggest reading this article in the NYT, because the previous thinking was that we could possibly negate the perils of sitting all day with a healthy exercise regimen. It turns out, this may not be true.

sitting businessman

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A few tips to stay on track

As we approach these weeks in December for peak holiday party season, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to stay on track with healthy eating and fitness routines. Some of these I’m sure we’ve all heard before, but I think it helps to hear them again and have these tips front of mind before embarking on the holiday season.

Fit Santa

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Thanksgiving and some other things

I know I am a little late in doing a Thanksgiving recap but it was an action-packed weekend and so I am going to share it anyway.

Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays and this year was a great one. My immediate family is already quite large (7 of us – now 8, since my brother recently got married) and this year we had some guests old and new staying for the weekend. It was great to have a full house and see my family and all of my friends who were also home for the holiday.

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