Quinoa Confessions

As you can tell, I am relatively new to blogging. Given my interests in nutrition, wellness and fitness, I had so many people encourage me to start writing and that’s how this blog came to be.

I always knew I couldn’t write a food blog – as much as I enjoy eating and talking about healthy, nutritious foods – I am not that great at preparing them.


For my workout this evening, I ran a little more than 4 miles on the treadmill. Every year on Thanksgiving my family runs a 5K Turkey Trot and I really want to PR this year, buuut I’ve been a little under the weather so my endurance isn’t quite where it needs to be (I am not a natural runner by any means).


As I was running I was thinking about what I wanted to make for dinner (who doesn’t do that?). I ran through my mental checklist of what was in my fridge and thought I could come up with a decent salad but given my hunger levels I knew a salad wouldn’t be enough sustenance, so I thought I’d make some quinoa on the side.

By the time I showered and was ready to make dinner I was starving – like so hungry I didn’t think I could wait until the quinoa was cooked and my veggies washed, chopped and tossed (who hasn’t been there?).

I got out the quinoa, put it in a pot and was about to throw in the water when I noticed some black specks. I thought it might just be some dark seeds or irregularities in the grain but upon closer look, one of the black specks moved and I realized that they were BUGS. Yes, bugs.

This is humbling to share because you might think that I am not a clean person (I am) or that I don’t practice proper food storage (I do). So, into the trash went the quinoa and half of my dinner. 😦

And that is why this is not a food blog.


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