tis the season for…


As soon as a hint of fall rolls around, all I want to do is frolic through a pumpkin patch, go apple picking and jump through a pile of leaves. Given the fanaticism for things like pumpkin spice lattes, I think I am not alone in these sentiments.

A few weeks ago, my brother, his wife, my mother and I decided to revisit one of our favorite childhood activities and drove out to Media, Pennsylvania to one of the greatest apple orchards I’ve ever seen. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a bite of food, then bought some apples and a pumpkin to carve. There was an amazing market with tons of baked goods, produce, canned goods and a whole wall of hot sauce! I had to take this picture to send to my other brother who is a hot sauce fanatic.

When we returned home, we never got around to carving the pumpkin but I was definitely craving something pumpkin-y so I got out a can from the pantry (I’m lazy) and decided to make these Pumpkin Amazeballs. I adapted the recipe based on the ingredients I had on hand, you can find the recipe I used on my recipe page here.

They turned out pretty well and have been great little snacks to have when I’m craving something slightly sweet.

Keeping with the fall spirit, my friend and I went for a walk through Brandywine Creek State Park to take in the pretty Delaware scenery.

It’s hard to believe November is here already!


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