Plank Challenge Update

I am a week behind on the Carrots ‘N’ Cake plank challenge but I’m going to just join in now and see how much of an improvement I can make in the next few weeks. As I said in my previous post, a lot times (at least for me) making and breaking physical fitness goals has so much to do with mental conditioning as it does with the physical aspects.



For example, I did my time trial tonight to start off the plank challenge – I haven’t been doing any core work lately so I was thinking I would barely be able to hold a plank for a minute. But then I did. So then I thought, maybe I can do two. then I did that. in fact, I held the plank for 2 minutes and 6 seconds:

I am pretty pleased with this as my initial time. I am going to try and double this time over the next few weeks and ultimately my goal is to get to a 5 minute plank.

I’m going to research some good core strengthening exercises but if anyone knows any good ones, please share!

oh, heyy


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