Plank Challenge & Core Strength

Thanks to the nasty weather the past few days (hurricane) I’ve had plenty of time indoors to catch up on some of my blog reading. Over on one of my of my favorite blogs, Carrots ‘n Cake, the author posted a plank challenge that I think I am going to partake in.

you can read about her challenge here.

Planks are a great way to build core strength. Core strength is much more than a good looking 6-pack. Having a strong core is good for posture, can alleviate lower-back pain, improve balance and help overall athletic performance.

Sometimes I get lazy and will skip ab and core exercises and so I am thinking this challenge will be a good way to get motivated and find new ways to challenge myself. I’ve found a lot of times with planks (or similar exercises) so much of it is mental – I can always hold a position longer than I think, my mind usually gives up before my muscles. I am going to time myself tonight for my first plank of the challenge and see how it goes!


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