Chewing and Mindful Eating

Mindful eating.

I feel like that is a term that gets thrown around a lot. But how many of us actually practice mindful eating habits?

I, for one, am guilty of breakfast on the go, lunch at my desk and a late dinner ravenously thrown together after a workout.

I recently read a tweet sent out by Women’s Health Magazine (@WomensHealthMag) that gave me pause. It read, “On average, lean people chew each bite of food 21 times, compared with 17 times among obese people”.

This is interesting.

How many times do you chew your food? I started counting. Not obsessively – but just because I was curious. It was not 21 times.

By doing this a few times and bringing awareness to the act of chewing, it caused me to slow down, remember to take a breath, and actually enjoy my food. I encourage you to try chewing your food more thoroughly at your next meal and bring your consciousness back to the actual act of eating. Eat slowly and enjoy each bite.

Do you think it makes a difference in the amount that you eat?


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