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Amtrak Snacks

These days I have found myself living somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle. I’m somewhere in between DC, NYC and Delaware.  It has been a lot of living out of suitcases, meals out and depending on the generosity of others to open their homes to me (thanks, friends).

Needless to say it’s a bit disconcerting and has thrown off my normal schedule of eating and working out quite a bit. Not paying rent, on the other hand, is quite nice.

This morning I left for DC on an early train and due to my frequent travels, I am well aware that Amtrak hasn’t caught up to the times in regards to its food offerings. I always struggle when I find myself hungry on a long train ride and don’t really feel like there are any good options.

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Wheat Berries

Sundays are usually my food prep days. I like to go grocery shopping, wash and chop my veggies, and I will usually cook up a pot of grains. Normally I make quinoa, it’s easy, versatile and I enjoy it. That way I am ready to pack lunches and or make healthy dinners when I get home late from class or work. The other week I decided to try something different and instead of quinoa and I cooked up some wheat berries. Crazy, I know.

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