An Oxymoron For You to Chew On

Oxymoron: (noun) A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

Here is today’s oxymoron…Healthy Cookies!

Yes, I said it and I mean it.

Do not be scared away by the green color of these little guys! These chips are actually quite tasty and satisfy sweet cravings. I tend to want something sweet after dinner and I like these little chips (cookies) because they are made with simple, natural ingredients. Plus, the fact that they are green makes me think that they must be healthy. The green color comes from the spirulina which is in fact quite healthy (it is an algae that contains vitamins, minerals and is a vegetarian source of complete protein). They have a satisfying crunch; the banana and coconut are the dominant flavors but not in a weird fruity way.

To be honest, as much as I love the idea of spirulina, I don’t actually love the taste of it, so if you could really taste it in these cookies I would not be a fan. I sometimes put a few teaspoons in my smoothies but anything more than that I am not really ok with. The other week, I had the genius idea to add a teaspoon to my green oatmeal to make it even greener. Well, I quickly learned that spirulina is not meant to be heated. As soon as the powder hit my oatmeal a horrible smell (like old, dirty, sweaty gym socks) filled the air and my oatmeal (and appetite) was ruined. I did a quick google search after the incident and apparently all of the nutritional properties are lost when spirulina is heated. I wish I had done that in reverse order.

These cookies are not baked, they are dehydrated – hence the “raw” branding – so the nutritional properties and enzymes of the spirulina and other ingredients are all intact. There are other flavors of these Go Raw chips (both savory and sweet) and they can be a bit pricey but I find that the spirulina ones go on sale  frequently – I am guessing they aren’t the most popular flavor. However, if you can get past the strange color, they are quite good and I definitely recommend if you are looking for a healthy(ier) option to satisfy a sweet tooth!


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