Great Gym Reminders

Even as someone who studies nutrition and fitness, I find myself falling into ruts on occasion. I tend to fall back on the same routine and can have ups and downs with my own personal fitness. Although I may understand the science behind exercise, I find that it is always good reinforcement and motivation to read up on what other people are saying or doing.


Yesterday, I stumbled upon this article about the “Seven Exercise Mistakes You’re Trainer Won’t Tell You You’re Making” from The Daily Muse and I thought it had some really useful and sound advice.

To summarize, the seven mistakes this author cites are:

1) You don’t know your triceps from your trapezius – knowledge is power in how you format your workout regimen to meet your fitness goals.

2) You equate time with work – use your time efficiently to get the max burn for your workout.

3) You’re afraid of weights – cardio is not enough.

4) You’re too comfortable – get out of your comfort zone, pick heavier weights, up the incline or speed to give yourself a challenge.

5) You ignore 80% of what matters – nutrition!

6) You make excuses – get motivated, make a plan and stick to it.

7) You underestimate yourself – we doubt our abilities and don’t push ourselves to our max potential.

So much of this really resonated with me – especially #4. I am definitely guilty of setting my comfortable pace on the treadmill and sticking to it. After reading this article I had a lightbulb moment and realized that it’s time to spice up my workout routine! Coincidentally, I had a groupon for spinning classes at a new studio in Arlington sitting in my inbox. I have been wanting to try spinning for a long time but have been really intimidated by it – I’ve tried and enjoyed most types of group fitness classes but for some reason spinning seems scary to me. But, after reading this article I decided to pull the trigger and challenge myself to a new workout routine. So, my friend and I have plans to try our first spinning class together this weekend!



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