Salad Dressing Fail

Living in an apartment building can be strange. It’s incredibly anonymous yet intimate at the same time. Here are all the things I can tell you about my neighbor whom I have never met: he is a male who appears to be in his mid-to-late 20’s. I am fairly certain his name is Glen (I saw a package one time with his name and apartment number on it, I am not a crazy stalker). We have made awkward hellos in the elevator a few times but never actually spoken. (Side note: why are elevator rides always so uncomfortable?) I am pretty sure we could be friends – he seems pretty social and frequently has friends over but has never invited me…..hrmph. So, I think we could be friends except for one fact. He loves to blast seriously loud music at the most inopportune times. Sometimes it’s rap. Other times it’s classical. The other day I think I heard Louis Armstrong. Glen has a major sound system. And he likes to drive me crazy with his darn music when I am trying to sleep, study, or just enjoy the peace and quiet of my own apartment.

I tell you this because it makes me wonder what Glen knows about me. I bet he would surmise this about his neighbor: She lives alone, she doesn’t get out much. Seems like a nice enough girl. She likes to vacuum at the weirdest times. And she is always using her blender when I am trying to sleep.

The vacuuming part is totally true. I always get the urge to clean late at night or first thing in the morning. As for the blender, that’s also quite true. Sometimes, I’ll be reading other blogs or planning my meals for the next day and all of a sudden it’s midnight and I’ll decide I have to make something.

Sometimes it works great, other times, like tonight, it’s a total flop. Around 11:30 this evening I realized I didn’t have any more of my favorite salad dressing for my lunch tomorrow, but I did have similar ingredients, so why not try to recreate it?

The salad dressing I like is actually made by Kalorama Café here in DC and is sold through Whole Foods. It only has 5 ingredients listed: tamari, tahini, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and other cold pressed oils – seems easy enough, right? (I only used 4 of these ingredients since olive oil is the only kind I have).

I busted out my blender and threw together what I thought was a reasonable proportion of these ingredients and ended up with…well…I guess you would call it a dip. It’s thicker than salad dressing but I don’t know how to thin it out. I kept adding more tamari and vinegar but then it was developing quite a tang. It tastes ok but not quite the same as the real stuff. Oh well, now I have a dip for my veggies, I suppose.

If anyone knows the recipe for the Kalorama Café Salad Dressing or can find out for me, I’d really appreciate it.



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3 responses to “Salad Dressing Fail

  1. Tom

    Yes, that Kalorama Cafe tahini dressing is realy good. The recpe below might wrok for you. Cheers, Tom

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