Product Review – Amanade Yogurt

I honestly mean it when I say that there isn’t much I miss not having dairy in my life. I really do. But you know that 2:30 feeling? (no, not that 2:30 feeling, 5-hour energy is terrible stuff, seriously). I am talking about that late afternoon lull when you are starting to get hungry, need a healthy snack and a yogurt seems like a great option. That is when I miss dairy. Greek yogurt was one of my staple afternoon or pre-workout snacks and sometimes I find it hard to fill that void with a comparable vegan or non-dairy option.

So, the other day at Whole Foods, I stumbled upon this new Amande Yogurt and anxiously picked one up to try it. I do occasionally enjoy coconut yogurt but the consistency is a little different and it seems really processed to me. Anyway, I was excited to see this yogurt which is made from almond milk and was hoping that it might satisfy that which the coconut yogurt leaves to be desired.

Unfortunately, it didn’t.

It was ok, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised – almond milk is pretty thin to start with and so the texture of this yogurt is slightly off. The flavor was ok, not great. But – it is fruit juice sweetened, soy free and has those active yogurt cultures that are so good for us. So if you are in a pinch it’s not a bad option. I just can’t wait for the day that someone makes a vegan “greek yogurt”. And a vegan version of Pinkberry but that’s another story.


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